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Most noteworthy: SDK is a set of application interface based on Android 4.0 and above.










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android maps twitter A_F_R_I_C_A_1
android maps twitter A_F_R_I_C_A_1
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android maps twitter caramelchao 1


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Product introduction

You can use this SDK to develop a map application for Android mobile devices. Furthermore by calling the map SDK interface, you can easily access map services and data to build a feature-rich and interactive map-like application.

even more








The map SDK is free to open to the public, and the interface works without limit. Before using it, you need to apply for the key (AK) before you can use it. Before you use the Maps SDK, please read the Maps API Terms of Use.

The Map SDK is intended for readers with Android programming experience and understanding of object-oriented concepts. Besides, readers should have a basic understanding of the basics of maps.


Map display includes: general map (2D, 3D), satellite map and real-time traffic map

Maps can be clicked, double-clicked, long-pressed, zoomed, rotated.

Indoor map

Map SDK indoor map function has been officially launched.

Supported public buildings include transportation hubs, shopping malls, hospitals.

Personalized map

Support for using a personalized map template to change the base map color and style.

Map overlays

Supported map overlays: map markers (Marker), geometry (points, polylines, arcs, polygons), and more.


It also supports peripheral search, local search, intra-city search, and Place detail information retrieval.

Intra-city search

POI search based on keywords entered by users in a particular city.


Provides the ability to convert geographic coordinates and addresses to each other.

Line planning

Support bus information inquiry, public exchange inquiry, bus/driving/riding/walking route planning.

Driving route planning:

To provide different strategies and plan driving routes (support setting route points);

Positioning layer

It is recommended to use the Android positioning SDK provided by the open map platform.

Cycling navigation, walking AR navigation

Supports regular riding, electric vehicle riding, walking AR navigation, support yaw correction, voice text output and other functions.

Also because it fits the wearable device display.

Users can download an offline package interface through SDK.

LBS cloud

Map LBS Cloud is a platform-level service

Retrieving your own LBS cloud data almost likely increases cost and maintenance. It adds up cost to the mobile developer who is storing the massive location data.

Its essence is an intermediate service that connects LBS open platform front-end SDK products and back-end LBS cloud.

Location short address sharing

Location short address sharing (short string sharing)

Therefore the short string sharing feature opens up the following features:

Map tuning

Because of the direct usage the SDK interface opens the map client or the WebApp locally to implement the map function.

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